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Are you ready to transform your life and create what you love?


Who is Julie Busuttil?

For over 20 years Julie has been on a journey of self awareness, self appreciation and self worth. 

With an innate drive to learn, share and teach, Julie has spent her career leading, inspiring and coaching people and to appreciate the unique individual within.

As a psychic, a medium, a mum and a masterful creator, Julie can help you create the life you love.

"I pride myself on being adaptable to my audience and my mission is to empower others to find their own answers and take inspired action.

Julie's business Riverina Medium & Intuitive Coaching is unique to the Riverina area. Using a combination of her intuitive insight, mentoring and coaching skills, Julie can help you stay focused on what you want in life, understand yourself better and be supported!
"When we embrace ALL of who we truly are, the perceived 'good', 'bad' and 'ugly' and really accept ourselves and not hide, we unlock something magical within us - our own creative wisdom!"


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Riverina Medium & Coaching Services

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Intuitive and medium readings & demonstrations

Private sessions providing guidance on relationships, money, family, career and any other areas of your life 

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"Psych Night"
Group demonstrations & parties

 Live psychic and/or medium demonstration at a spiritualist church or in the comfort of your own home 

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Intuitive coaching

Sign up to a single or multiple  private sessions where I help you identify your goals and life choices and stay true and focused to achieve them



Julie was our guest medium at our last gathering (spiritual). She had a great connection with spirit, giving significant messages to people. We found Julie to be authentic and patient, with a friendly approach.
Her talk very interesting too.
We welcome her back on platform anytime. 
Phoenix Spiritual Gathering
South Coast


Client - Intuitive Session

"I was pleasantly surprised of how Julie worked, not using any physical tools only her mind connection with spirit."


Client - Intuitive Coaching 

"I understand myself better and how I tend to self sabotage what I love.
Julie is a committed coach who shows up and helps me stay focused. Her intuition is clear, accurate and helpful"


Client - Medium Demonstrations

"I’ve attended three demonstrations by Julie and have been – and touched – by her abilities to communicate with loved ones that have passed.
Her insight and the way she describes people and situations from the spirit world is delivered with a deep understanding and empathy of both the spirit and those that are left behind."


Everyone has intuition (or instinct) and use it ever day

probably without realising it!

Intuitive coaching is more than just coaching. I use my intuition to unravel the truth and any self sabotaging beliefs that are preventing you from creating the life you truly want.

We dig deep in an intuitive coaching session.

I will keep you focused on what you want to create.

It requires commitment.

It requires your truth.

It requires You to take action!  

"Never stop trying.

Always look for opportunities to define, refine and express your true self"

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